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At Office Pride, we want to hire the right people. We want our clients to feel comfortable when our team cleans their commercial space. Can you answer “yes” to these questions?

Do you have integrity?
Trust is essential when a company hires a commercial cleaner. While we understand it’s easy for a business to say they have integrity, at Office Pride we strive to hire the right people. All of our employees earn necessary certifications and clearances because the relationships we have with our customers are built on trust. That’s why we are committed to an unsurpassed level of integrity within our organization.

Do you display professionalism when you work?
You’ll find the highest level of professionalism from the Office Pride staff. We expect our cleaners to dress in uniform, arrive on time and take pride in their work. Our company focuses on respect within our organization and while serving our customers. At Office Pride, we are proud to treat each other and serve our clients with a level of professionalism you’d expect from the very best businesses.

Do you go the extra mile?
Office Pride employees always go the extra mile. It’s not enough for us to just complete our commercial cleaning. We want to do more for our customers and for each other. We hire people who have goals for themselves; therefore, their work ethic pushes them to go above and beyond what is expected. This creates thoroughly satisfied customers and happy employees.


Office Pride is a company where happiness matters. We want to help our employees achieve their goals and pursue their dreams, like buying a home, putting a child through college or paying the extra bills. At Office Pride, we're more than a cleaning service, and we are so happy you are interested in working with us.

Todd Hopkins - CEO & Founder

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